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The Clutch Network Connection Report Card


Through its involvement in connecting over 40 projects to the grid, Clutch has learnt that many developers delay the focus on the network connection as they focus on other important key project streams like land & DA, community engagement, offtake, and generator supplier agreements. During this time the risks associated with the connection often change or worse, increase, resulting in large network risks being realised once significant cost and effort has been invested. This often means large and unnecessary costs being incurred for little benefit.

To support clients to address this issue, Clutch Strategic has developed the Network Connection Report Card designed to provide an early, low-cost, and prompt desktop assessment of the key network connection risks for your pipeline of projects. This enables projects within a pipeline to be ranked based on the associated network connection risks.

Clutch Strategic’s Network Connection Report Card is a low-cost and quick desktop assessment of the status of a potential connection to identify risks and opportunities before committing to any unnecessary high costs for a project.

Our Approach

Clutch undertakes the following process over approximately two weeks to deliver the Network Connection Report Card:


What it looks like

The Clutch Network Connection Report Card is presented in a 10 to 15 page presentation that provides the outcomes of the desktop scan which includes:

  • A review of location and network topography.
  • A summary of potential connection options.
  • The status of the key network connection (technical) indicators.
  • A scan of the local network planning landscape (what is the network planning that could impact the project).
  • A competitive project scan of other projects which could impact the success of your project.
  • A scan of the regulatory environment. The rules or legislative changes that could impact the project business case.
  • Any key network connection knowledge gaps which need to be run to ground to increase the success of the project.

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the Clutch Network Connection Report Card comprise:

  • A low cost and prompt assessment.
  • An upfront and increased awareness of the network connection-related risks, opportunities, and knowledge gaps for a project pipeline ahead of committing to the high costs for land & DA, expensive dynamic studies, and the NER connection process.
  • Leverage Clutch Strategic’s multiple successful projects and decades of knowledge as well as current immediate experience to identify network risks, opportunities, and next steps which may not be evident to others.
  • Identify recommendations and next steps for your project to prioritise the definition and resolution of knowledge gaps in subsequent phases.
  • Prompt action and streamlined scan tailored to the specifics of the projects within your development pipeline.

Key Deliverables

Clutch applies a methodology of investigation and analysis to assess six key metrics for each project, as outlined below. Each of the metrics carries a score enabling a quick reference to the overall score of each project.


Clutch’s streamlined Network Connection Report Card measures the status of a potential connection, identifying risks and opportunities before committing to any unnecessary high costs for a project. An example of the content is shown below:

Download the Brochure

To download the Network Connection Card Brochure – click here

For Further Information

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