Managing the Network Connection Process

Clutch Consulting offers an end to end service to manage the network connection process.

An experienced thought leading Clutch consultant leads clients through the network connection process ensuring full visibility to the network connection risks/opportunities, costs and schedule are well understood and aligned to the broader project objectives. Clutch sits on the project team, leading the network connection stream for clients whilst inputting significant experience of successful energy project delivery. The end to end Clutch Consulting network connection approach is separated into the following key phases:


Initial Network Engagement

The objective of this phase is to undertake the necessary planning to obtain an effective and efficient (time/cost/risk) program of works with the Network Service Provider. This phase also provides the required inputs to ensure the overall project plan, schedule and budget accommodates the network connection requirements.

Support Business Case Development

During this phase Clutch’s objective is to obtain all commercial and technical information to support a competitive project business case. Clutch will also obtain information which adds value to the other key project streams of Major plant and EPC contract, project financing, PPA and Offtake contracts and land/development approval.

This phase will progress the network connection process to meet the greater project milestones focusing particularly on financial close.


Achieve Financial Close

The objective of this phase is to work with all network connection related stakeholders (the Network Service Provider, AEMO etc) to ensure the relevant commercial agreements and regulatory approvals are in place to support financial close.

Clutch will work closely with each of the network connection stakeholders to ensure the related deliverables to support financial close are met. This will include understanding the back-to-back and interface arrangement between the various contracts, and risks and responsibilities are appropriately allocated, and obligations linked.


Contract Execution, Construction and Energisation

During this phase Clutch ensures all internal approvals are achieved and the relevant network connection related agreements are executed in a timely manner.
The key objective is to ensure all NSP activities (construction, procurement, technical and regulatory) occur effectively and efficiently to allow for on-time energisation and commissioning of the project.

Bring about peace of mind with thoroughly managed connection compliance

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