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Leading the grid connection process

Clutch Grid Connections offers an end-to-end service to manage the grid connection process.

Navigating the grid connection process has never been more challenging. Grid connection risk has been identified as the number one risk for energy developments and grid connection facilities – this has been demonstrated by projects experiencing significant project delays, increased costs, and reduced energy output. Development activity is as high as it has ever been and resources are stretched.

The grid connection typically distracts the project team from the other higher-value project streams, i.e. major contracts, land and approvals, and project financing. The frequency and complexity of market change is directly impacting project delivery and outcomes. The grid connection has never been more important and in focus as it is today.


The Clutch approach to leading grid connections is summarised in the diagram below:

The key benefits delivered to our clients include:


Increased Confidence

Our aim is to provide comfort to individuals and teams. Access is provided to experience when it is needed most. We help make our client’s job easier through experience, problem solving, risk assurance and mitigation leading to increased project confidence.

Resource Continuity

We provide resource continuity through our dedicated and committed resources. Our team is across market changes and challenges providing our clients with the assurance and agility using the best practice methodologies to progress grid connections.

Less Surprises

Dedicated grid connection risk management support and ongoing visibility. Our team aims to provide increased visibility of risks for peace of mind, saving you time and cost.

Grid Connection Leadership

Coordinating internal and external teams throughout the process. Pushing past challenges to deliver key outcomes. Working with, understanding and influencing key stakeholders.

The Right Information at the Right Time

Regular and planned scans to provide advanced and detailed understanding of changes impacting client strategies. We aim to guide our clients through market and industry change, reducing impacts and capturing opportunities.

Unique understanding

Understanding of key drivers and the requirements of regulated monopolies and project developers. We partner with key stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes and efficient path for your projects. This means a streamlined, lower cost connection process, efficiencies and solid alignment with key stakeholders.

In leading the grid connection process, Clutch's overarching objectives are to ensure:

Stakeholder Engagement

All stakeholders are treated and feel like part of the team.

Business Case

All necessary information to support a competitive business case is obtained.

Grid Connection Outputs

The grid connection outputs support other key project streams of Major plant procurement, EPC contacts, project financing, PPA and Offtake contract and land/development approvals.

The end-to-end Clutch Consulting grid connection approach is separated into the following key phases:


Grid Connections Services Brochure

Bring about peace of mind with thoroughly managed connection compliance

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