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Tailored strategies to navigate grid complexity

The team at Clutch Strategic bring the leading level of grid connection experience to the market to assist clients in setting tailored strategies to manage grid connection risk and opportunities.

The current energy market landscape is experiencing constant regulatory and technical change. Grid connection risk is seen as the key challenge not only for project developers but an increasing range of broader stakeholders including project financiers, boards, shareholders, executives, governments, and regulators. The grid connection has never been more important and as “in focus” as it is today.

One hour upfront during strategy planning saves you 10 hours during execution.

Clutch Strategic brings the leading level of grid connection experience to the market to assist clients in setting tailored strategies to manage grid connection risk and capture opportunities to strengthen business cases. We assist clients to set up projects early for success and avoid significant risks and delays during connection.

Our team also supports setting strategies to identify opportunities to increase value (reduced cost or risk and/or innovative revenue streams) for existing grid-connected assets. Supporting with research and analysis to better understand our clients’ projects/assets and provide a different perspective is what our team specialises in.

Applying our experience and learnings into the setting of strategy from previous projects helps our clients to adapt to complex macro-environment factors that are constantly evolving.

Key Benefits

Increased Confidence

Advanced and detailed understanding of market and technology change impacting client strategies, projects, and assets. We provide an early and detailed view of changes likely to present opportunities. Our team will deliver increased confidence and de-risk key project and asset activities to optimise outcomes.

Streamlined Connection Process

Through our unique understanding of the key drivers and requirements of regulated monopolies and project developers our team partners with key stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes for your projects. This means a streamlined, lower cost connection process, efficiencies, and solid alignment with the broader project objectives.

Proactive Risk Management

Our team aims to provide dedicated grid connection risk management support and ensure increased visibility of risks and strategies to manage such risks for peace of mind, saving you time and costs.

Simplified Decision Making

Our team provides critical information relating to the grid connection, at the right time to make key decisions.

Connection Process Awareness

Our team provides greater transparency of how the grid connection process ties in with the greater project plan and schedule. By having a well-planned connection up front clients are able to understand the interdependencies across multiple project streams.


Understanding market complexity and navigating change

Grid Connection Outcome Improvement

Exercising our experience to support the key market stakeholders to identify and implement market change initiatives that will benefit the industry and influence positive change in the market.

Strategic Consulting

Providing strategic support to market participants to set project and asset strategies incorporating the current landscape for network risk and opportunities.


A tailored service designed to build client focus on market change impacts through actively monitoring and analysing the effects of market policy, process and regulatory changes in the National Electricity Market.
This service builds client awareness of the many market changes in train and how they may impact project, asset, and company strategies.

Market Revenue Opportunities

Our team will undertake a strategic assessment to identify specific non-network solutions and revenue opportunities for your connected assets or new developments. Clutch will assist to develop a strategy to accelerate the identification of potential revenue streams and map out tailored plans to secure them.

Supporting asset and project pipeline decision-making

Grid Connection Report Card

Involves undertaking a low cost and prompt desktop assessment of the status of a potential connection to identify risks and opportunities before committing high cost and resources to an unrecoverable project.

Grid Connection Due Diligence

Clutch will undertake a strategic review of a client's existing assets, potential acquisitions and development projects to provide a clearer understanding of the opportunities, risks and red flags relating to the grid connection.

Energy Asset Transaction Support

Strategic grid connection related advice relating to the potential purchase or the sale of energy assets, including sourcing and securing buyers for energy assets and general merger and acquisition support.

Setting up projects for success

Support In Setting Project or Asset Strategies

Our team incorporates current strategic thinking on grid connection risk and opportunities into existing or new client strategies.

Support In Setting and Executing Tender Strategy

We will provide specialist tender advice and inputs for large energy market tenders which have a significant degree of grid connection complexity. A carefully considered grid connection strategy can deliver competitive advantage for your tender solution.

Grid Connection Strategy

One of the most common issues is late consideration of the grid connection approach. The Clutch team will prepare you to commence the connection process and ensure the process progresses in a timely fashion while risks and the requirements of key stakeholders are continually and appropriately considered and managed.

Bring about peace of mind with thoroughly managed connection compliance

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