Network Connection Strategic Support

The team at Clutch Strategic bring the leading level of network connection experience to the market to assist clients in setting tailored strategies to manage network connection risk and opportunities.

Network Connection Report Card

Undertake a low cost and quick desktop assessment of the status of a potential connection to identify risks and opportunities before committing high cost to an unrecoverable project.
(See Downloads below)

Strategic Consulting

Provide strategic support to market participants to set strategies incorporating the current landscape for network risk and opportunities.

Network Connection Due Diligence

Network Connection due diligence on clients existing assets, potential acquisitions and development projects.

Support In Setting Project Or Asset Strategies

Support in setting project or asset strategies to incorporate current strategic thinking on network connection risk and opportunities.

Support In Setting + Executing Tender Strategy

Support in setting and executing tender strategy and providing tender inputs for large energy tenders which have a significant network connection complexity.

NEMScan - Monitor Network Related Policy + Process Changes

NEMScan is a structured process for actively reviewing market and regulatory changes in the National Electricity Market - delivered by the Clutch Strategic team. (See Downloads below)

Energy Asset Transaction Support

Strategic network connection related advice relating to purchasing or sale of energy assets, sourcing and securing PPA’s, sourcing and securing buyers for energy assets ad general merger and acquisition support.

Support The Development Of Market Changing Initiatives

Support the development of market changing initiatives by working with key industry regulatory and network stakeholders to influence positive change in the market.

Bring about peace of mind with thoroughly managed connection compliance

Discuss the possibilities with a Clutch Consultant.