Client Description
Tier One Retailer (Privately Held)
Project Description
Power Station Revenue Opportunity Strategy
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • The client wanted to identify and understand additional revenue / investment opportunities at an existing ~200 MW gas generator. 
  • The facility was relatively well established and looking at opportunities which could diversify revenue and maximise usage of existing infrastructure.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • Clutch engaged with operational and executive staff to determine the strategy objectives and develop a first pass of opportunities.
  • Clutch undertook a market and network assessment to identify risks and opportunities from the market and network. Clutch detailed and ranked these opportunities in a strategy document to allow for decision making.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
  • Based on the strategy the client was able to take one of the key opportunities and made a $40m investment in new plant and equipment at the site. 
  • Clutch was also able to support the successful deployment of the new gas peaking aeroderivative unit on time and on budget.
  • The client is still exploring other opportunities identified in the strategy.