Client Description
Generation Developer & Owner (ASX20)
Project Description
BESS Tender + Connection Support
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • The client was shortlisted in a an EOI process for offtake of the BESS. The client understood the key risk for the success of the tender and the project was understanding and control of network related risk. 
  • Whilst the client was an experienced developer and owner they understood the heightened nature of network connection risk experience in this field was a key gap in their consortium.
  • The client required a partnership approach for Clutch to lead (with internal team & external stakeholders) the network connection stream and also ensure the network connection stream supported the broader project objectives.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • At very short notice, Clutch mobilised to have Director & Associate level support on hand to take control and leadership of the network connection stream of the project.
  • Clutch ramped up quickly to understand the time, risk and costs component of the network connection stream. 
  • Clutch also supported bid-winning discussions with the offtaker in a formal tender process. 
  • Clutch also drove/lead the network connection stream of the project with a high level of internal and external stakeholder engagement.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
  • The client was able to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders a solid understanding of the high risk network connection environment which allowed them to continue to progress in the tender process (still open).
  • Clutch was able to reduce a typical 30 month connection process to an agreed 14 month connection schedule with support from all stakeholders. This was achieved with a reduced risk profile on network risks and ongoing opex costs for development.
  • The client was able to leveraged Clutch’s significant experience and existing relationships with critical stakeholders to the benefit of the project timelines and business case.
  • This engagement is still ongoing.