Client Description
Generation Developer & Owner
Project Description
EMS Connection Support
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • Clutch’s Client was implementing a new Energy Management System (EMS), which is a critical system to ensure our Client can continue to fulfill their obligations in planning and managing a transmission network.
  • Implementing the new EMS impacted approximately 100 employees to varying degrees.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • The scale of this change, as well as the importance of the EMS meant that a comprehensive Change Management approach was required to promote successful outcomes and adoption of the new system.
  • Clutch supported our Client through the providing this Change Management function for the project.
  • Clutch utilised the Prosci ADKAR © model of Change Management to support this particular EMS Replacement Project.
  • This approach can be broadly split into three phases of activity throughout the project:
  • Phase 1 – Preparing for Change:
  • Captured the Compelling Vision for Change through discussions with Project Stakeholders;
  • Undertook a Change Readiness Assessment;
  • Defined a tailored Change Management Strategy, describing the overall philosophy and key focuses of the approach.
  • Phase 2 – Managing Change:
  • Expanded on the Change Management Strategy to develop detailed Communications, Training, Sponsorship & Coaching and Resistance Management Plans.
  • Worked with stakeholders to embed the Chane Plans within existing project activities.
  • Managed on-going communications to internal and external stakeholders as the project progressed.
  • Supported project sponsors in their roles.
  • Managed interfaces between Change and Project Design/Implementation (‘Technical’) workstreams.
  • Assess readiness through staged surveys.
  • Phase 3 – Reinforcing Change:
  • Coordinated training and familiarisation activities.
  • Identified and responded to sources of resistance.
  • Coordinated communications to reinforce and celebrate successes.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
  • Clutch’s Change Management support was objectively shown by significantly improved feelings of readiness and project sentiment.