Client Description
Generation Owner & Utility Provider
Project Description
ZCEF Connection Support
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • Generator Registration is a common source of delay when connecting assets to the NEM today.
  • Clutch’s client was progressing the concurrent connection of twelve over 5MW PV and Hybrid sites to the NEM, a unique and complex task.
  • Furthermore, these sites were delivered on an accelerated schedule, with the network connection process on the project critical path for most sites.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • Clutch supported our client by managing the Generator, Customer and FCAS Registrations, as well as associated deliverables for > 5MW sites. To effectively manage the Registrations for our client, Clutch undertook the following:
  • Worked with our client to understand the technical solution and proposed operational philosophy (including any existing generation) for each site;
  • Defined the requirements and registration pathway with AEMO for each of the sites;
  • Defined a work breakdown and schedule for each of the sites, including a broad range of activities around Metering, Primary Frequency Response, Energy Conversion Models, SCADA and Local Black Start Procedures;
  • Supported our client in allocating responsibilities for each of the tasks between our Client’s teams, their Owner’s Engineer and construction partner;
  • Sent and tracked the closure of Requests for Information related to the above tasks through both written follow-ups and dedicated check-in meetings;
  • Collated and quality reviewed the registration submissions, as well as the internal Technical and Commercial Approval process that Clutch agreed and implemented with our client;
  • Managed the interface between our Client, AEMO and (where required for registration) the NSP(s) to resolve issues and promote a collaborative approach throughout the process;
  • Supported internal communications, education and reporting on status and key focus areas.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
Clutch’s management of twelve concurrent registrations with AEMO ensured that the activities related to this workstream were clearly defined and tracked to completion. Clutch’s involvement also provided the following benefits:

  • Increased communication and understanding of requirements and responsibility between our client, their consultants and contractors, AEMO and NSP’s;
  • Early identification of potential issues associated with the registration of complex, multi-asset type sites;
  • Increased awareness with our Client’s organisation of registration requirements, which should support their transition to operations and compliance; and
  • Increased visibility of the registration workstream to support effective project planning.

From this engagement, the following was observed:

  • Up-front planning is key to ensure all parties understand requirements, responsibilities and timing.
  • Early engagement with AEMO and NSP’s during delivery can help to align project stakeholders and streamline the high period of activity as a project nears energisation.
  • A structured and well planned approach to managing registration inputs helps to reduce rework and promote effective outcomes.