Client Description
Copper-Gold Mining Company (ASX100)
Project Description
Energy + Network Strategy for New + Existing Mines
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • The client was a very large energy user aiming to optimise its energy and infrastructure use challenges at an existing, very remote but grid connected mine as well as proposed new grid connected mine. 
  • The client was struggling with the very fluid technical, commercial and regulatory regime in the Australian energy market. 
  • The client sought an experienced partner to assist educate their team including C-Suite executives as well as generate a practical and efficient energy supply strategy for both assets.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • Clutch worked with client’s operational, general and executive management to understand the complex organisation drivers and objectives.
  • Clutch undertook a detailed review of the network topography, the broader technical, regulatory and commercial enforcement and the critical stakeholders to understand the macro / external situation to allow it to recommend options for energy supply.
  • Clutch supported the client in decision making on the options and also direct engagement with the stakeholders.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
  • The client was able to make decisions based on the strategy (and support from Clutch) which allowed them to transact the development of a new transmission line to connect both mines. This investment was ~$300m.
  • The client was able to conduct this transaction in an efficient and timely manner, facilitating not only the ongoing operation of the existing mine but also the connection of the new mine as required. 
  • The new Infrastructure significantly mitigated operational risk and provided ongoing cost reductions.