Client Description
Tier One Retailer (ASX50)
Project Description
National Hydrogen Network Strategy
Client Drivers + Objectives
  • The client was investigating the establishment of commercial pilot and future hydrogen production and export facilities throughout Australia. 
  • The network characteristics presented both risks and opportunities for siting the facilities and future markets. 
  • The client engaged Clutch to identify suitable sites, understand key stakeholders, identify risk/issues as well as potential network (ancillary) related markets.
Clutch Scope, Methodology + Objectives
  • Clutch undertook a review of the NEM topography and market to identify potential sites which would most suitable to support the hydrogen facilities mentioned. 
  • Provided an in-depth review of these areas including key risks and opportunities and some key agreed characteristics.
  • Generated a stakeholder engagement strategy to identify critical external stakeholders and planned/tracked interactions with the stakeholders.
Outcomes + Benefits Achieved
  • A ranked list of likely sites for hydrogen facilities at desktop level to allow the client to focus attention on the most attractive sites.
  • Key stakeholders identified and fully understood by the client including an engagement plan to ensure appropriate stakeholder engagement.
  • Key risks, issues and opportunities related to the network environment to consider and manage.
  • Existing and nascent network ancillary related market identified which could provide potential revenue streams for the business case. 
  • The client had a significant improved awareness of the network related issues which supported internal decision making and the development of the business case.