segmentation strategy

segmentation strategy

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turn segments into sales with meaningful insights you can action and measure!

We convert your segments into a clear actionable strategy

Why we are different Market segmentation is of little value if it just describes who your customers are, what they buy and where they live. At Clutch we go beyond this and deliver actionable strategy by also telling you how they think; why they buy, how they decide and how you should communicate and market to them. (see marketing communications)

Importantly, we appreciate how involved it can be to implement market segmentation within organisations, so we don't focus on what you name your segments, we just focus on what you do with them.

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If you need to segment your market:

At Clutch we define clear, straightforward segmentation based on either your sales data, market research, geographic locations or a combination of these inputs. What we deliver is measureable and meaningful market segments tailored to your business and your market, that you can directly action through precise marketing communications and customer engagement. In other words, as well as describing your market segments, we will tell you exactly how to engage them effectively.

If you have defined segments already:

Regardless of your market segmentation platform, Clutch turns your market definition into market activation. We convert your segments into sales, providing clear prioritised actions and communication strategy that drives market response. At Clutch, we work with a range of customer segmentation or consumer segmentation frameworks including:

  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Geodemographic Segmentation
  • Behavioural Segmentation
  • Demographic Segmentation or
  • Psychographic segmentation

Our Deliverables include:

  • Growth and Retention Strategies
  • Sales Promotion Imperatives
  • Distribution Priorities
  • Communication Briefings, and
  • Customer Engagement Workshops